A smooth ride — start to finish.

Wayne, a longtime employee of a financial holding company, was chatting with his son Pete at a family gathering, and the talk got around to money. Pete’s wife Tara has been an employee of Abbott for years, and the couple has joined the long list of very contented ALEC members. Wayne was so struck by his son’s enthusiastic attachment to ALEC that he decided to join the credit union, which takes only a $5 deposit. Wayne has been putting in $25 a month. He was about to see for himself that an attractive interest rate on savings is just the beginning of what ALEC can do for its members.

It happened soon after joining that Wayne’s wife Martha decided she wanted a new car. Because of his own career connections, Wayne felt right at home exploring the field of automobile financing. He went to the ALEC website and found, along with all the other advantages the credit union offers, that he could apply for a loan online, which is just what he did. He heard from Denise Chesnick, an ALEC Loan Call Center representative, who arranged his loan approval before the day was out, even though Wayne and Martha hadn’t yet even picked out a car. “Whenever you find your car, just call me, and I’ll take it from there,” Denise assured them.

Before long they found the car Martha fell immediately in love with. Thanks to Denise, they had been armed with the loan rate before even stepping into the showroom. The salesman at the dealership broached the subject of an auto loan, and Wayne informed him they’d already tended to that end of the transaction. The salesman asked whom they were going through, and, when Wayne told him it was ALEC, he replied, “Yeah, we’re not going to be able to beat that,” before a number was even mentioned.

In Your Words - Wayne and Martha, Pull QuoteSubsequently, the dealer’s finance manager nevertheless offered Wayne and Martha a really attractive APR - lower, in fact, than ALEC’s - and Wayne declined, confident that the advantages in dealing with ALEC would more than offset even a slightly lower rate. Besides, he reasoned, “If ALEC hadn’t been in my back pocket, I would never have been offered that rate.”

Next, Wayne called Denise at ALEC to tell her the amount of loan he’d need, to which she replied, “No problem. I’ll process everything right away, and the check will be ready for you in the morning.” Which it of course was. Wayne was more than thrilled with the service. “Throughout my entire interaction with Denise and everyone else, I felt they were very member-oriented, courteous and pleasant,” he said. “I felt like they were looking out for me.”

Wayne’s next step was to confer with his mechanic about the new car, and the mechanic recommended he get an extended warranty because of the complexities of the vehicle. “I went with the Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan through ALEC,” Wayne said. When the entire transaction had been completed, Denise called Wayne to ensure that all had been done to his satisfaction.

“I had never been a member of a credit union before,” Wayne said. “But, after this experience, I’m convinced that ALEC has my best interests in mind.”

No matter what kind of financial service you need, ALEC will be at your side every step of the way.

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