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Bill Pay

bill pay

Nobody likes paying bills. But with our Bill Pay service, you can at least take a lot of the hassles out of it.

Convenient Banking

ALEC Bill Pay was designed to let you spend more time doing the things you really want to do. And a lot less time handling tedious financial chores.

The service is a completely free way to pay your bills easily and securely.

Convenient Services

Our Bill Pay service allows you to:

Online Payments

Make all your payments (utilities, loans, credit cards and most other bills)

Mobile Payments

Make your payments through a mobile device


Receive, view and pay E-Bills (electronic versions of your paper bills)

Schedule next-day payments

for most electronic billers

Request reminder email alerts

when bills will debit your account*


up to 7 years of payment activity

Easy Setup

Enroll Online

To use Bill Pay, you must be enrolled in ALEC Online Banking. Not yet enrolled? Click to enroll in just a few simple steps.

Click on Pay Bills Tab

An ALEC Free Checking or Rewards Checking is required for online Bill Pay. To get started, select the account you will be using.

In addition, Bill Pay offers great features that include:

Account to Account Transfers

Transfer funds between your accounts at ALEC and accounts you have at other institutions.


Send money to, or receive it from, just about anyone with Zelle®.


This automated fraud-detection system works to identify and stop fraudulent transactions before they're processed.

* Bill Pay debits funds on the day each payment is scheduled to be made.

To learn more about ALEC Bill Pay, please view our terms and conditions.