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Money Market

money market account

Earn a higher rate while enjoying outstanding flexibility.

Money Market Accounts

Account Features

An ALEC Money Market account is designed to provide a better rate of return than a regular savings account, without sacrificing liquidity or security.

Rates are tiered, with higher balances earning a higher APY.*

Account Features

Features of an ALEC Money Market Account:

$2,000 Minimum Opening Balance

Free Checks

for the life of the account

Competitive Rates

Minimum withdrawal

amount is $100

Up to six withdrawals

or transfers per month, including withdrawals by checks

Unlimited monthly withdrawals

if made in person at an ALEC Service Center

Money Market

$2,000 Minimum Balance

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Your money is safe.

Rest assured, all ALEC accounts come with the security and peace of mind of insurance. Each account is insured up to $250,000 by American Share Insurance (ASI), the nation's largest private deposit insurer. No credit union member has ever lost a penny in an ASI-insured account.