No bumpy ride with ALEC at the wheel.

To Mark and his wife Diane, credit unions have always made sense. After all, who wouldn't prefer to take care of the enormous range of financial functions life requires via a provider that establishes services and rates with members rather than corporate stockholders in mind? ALEC has never done anything but reinforce that belief.

Mark joined Abbott in 1989, shortly before ALEC was founded. To him, ALEC made sense, not just because of the financial inducements credit unions enjoy over banks, but the ALEC location itself couldn't have been more convenient. As a not-for-profit institution, ALEC returns profits to members as increased interest rates on deposits, reduced interest rates on loans and service improvements.

Mark began with a checking and a savings account and a credit card. Since then, both he and Diane have added various loans and services they would need on their journey through life.

Over the years, they have used various ALEC Service Centers - AP6, AP22, AP30 and, most recently, ABV1 in Mettawa, Illinois. And it was to ABV1, just recently, that Mark and Diane turned when they decided to buy a new car. ALEC has developed a free resource called the Auto Buying Service, powered by TrueCar®, which helps you find the car you want, show what others have paid for it and enjoy significant savings. In addition, ALEC will eliminate most of the routine red tape associated with car buying and soothe the related headaches.

Mark and Diane chose the kind of vehicle and the TrueCar®-certified dealer they wanted, needing only to settle on the particular car. They turned the rest over to ALEC. "I gave Lynn (an ALEC Member Service Representative) a brief heads-up on a Thursday that we are looking for a car soon, and that we would be financing it through ALEC," Mark recalled. Lynn immediately went to work with the limited information she had and awaited Mark and Diane's call with the missing details, such as purchase price, year, make and model.

In Your Words - Mark and Diane, Pull QuoteDuring his lunch break the following day, Mark met Diane at the dealership, and they made their final choice. While they were still at the dealership finalizing the paperwork, Diane sent a text to Lynn with the information she needed. The next afternoon as he was leaving work, Mark dropped by the onsite ALEC Service Center. To his delight, Lynn had taken care of everything.

"There was Lynn with all the paperwork ready, as well as the check for the dealership! As painful as the entire car-buying process was, the ALEC piece was incredibly easy, thanks to Lynn," Mark said.

Unparalleled service, ease of conducting business and through professionalism typified by Lynn are bonuses to complement the fundamental credit-union advantages of more-attractive rates.

ALEC's success are returned to its members - not to corporate stockholders. Mark and Diane knew that. But they had it driven home once again when they climbed into their brand new automobile.

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