When longtime members needed an auto loan, ALEC helped steer them to better financial solutions.

John and Sandi had always heard the saying about credit union membership that “Once a Member – Always a Member.” After all, they have been with ALEC since 1993, joining as soon as John was hired by Abbott. But when John took on a position with a different company, they truly appreciated still being ALEC members. That’s when John became worried his older vehicle might not make his 35-mile commute each way. In fact, the escalating repair costs seemed like the car was driving them to the poorhouse, not the workplace. When they decided to shop for a new car last year, their first stop was ALEC for their auto loan.

Lana, ALEC Senior Member Service Representative, immediately began working on their auto loan, so that John and Sandi could take advantage of the best rate and terms available. “Lana was wonderful, and made the entire process easy and painless,” said Sandi. In keeping with the ALEC philosophy, Lana’s focus was on John and Sandi, not just on the loan. So she began looking for other ways that ALEC could help them achieve their financial goals.

In Your Words - John and Sandi, Pull Quote“Thanks to Lana’s guidance, our existing checking account was also upgraded and we even got an increase on our Visa card limit so we could install a new fence at home,” explains John. Sandi adds, “Lana made it feel as if John and I were the only members she was assisting. Her attention was completely on us and on meeting our needs.”

John and Sandi, together with Lana and ALEC, were a winning combination. But John and Sandi are no strangers to feeling fortunate. Late in 2014, John and Sandi were ALEC’s lucky Visa® Magic Minute winners. They won a stay at one of the finest hotels in Chicago — all expenses paid — with a 60-second shopping spree in the CURewards® warehouse. John and Sandi had an amazing time running up and down the aisles loading their cart with as much merchandise as they could fit in one minute. “It was quite a rush,” exclaims John. Sandi was already a huge fan of the CURewards program that gives them points when they use their ALEC Visa card. Now they may be the program’s greatest cheerleaders.

So how is the new car running? “Smooth as silk,” describes John. There’s just one little issue. Their eldest son is 16 years old and will be driving soon. Needless to say, John and Sandi will be calling ALEC in the future for another auto loan.

It makes sense that John and Sandi will count on ALEC whenever there’s a financial need in their family. As Sandi describes, “We feel like family whenever we come into our credit union or call anyone at ALEC.”

Thank you, John and Sandi, for being part of the ALEC family.

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