ALEC: Comfort in Chaos.

With life's greatest moments of excitement often come life's greatest demands for composure. James, an Abbott employee at Abbott Park, experienced one of those moments of excitement not long ago and was delighted to be able to draw composure from his longtime relationship with ALEC.

James and his wife Kathleen got the thrilling news that their younger daughter, Alana, would be graduating from high school after only three years, followed by a semester to be spent studying in Germany. Immense parental pride and immediate parental preparation suddenly became the orders of the day. James's nearly quarter of a century with ALEC proved to be that source of comfort that his daughter's overseas experience would be the spectacular experience it should be.

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James and Kathleen tried to think of everything that needed to be done to prepare their daughter for her adventure, but, as can happen at times like this, the issue of access to money slipped their minds until about a week before Alana was to get on the plane. Having reflected on the years of ALEC membership and their positive experiences, James turned to the AP6 Service Center at Abbott Park, where ALEC Member Service Representative Lana Kline took the reins. "I've always had great experiences with all the ALEC employees, from the very beginning," James recalled, "so I didn't have to think about much when we had to get our daughter's account set up."

Lana knew what kinds of resources Alana would need, and she quickly set about providing them. "I must've visited Lana almost every day that week," James said, "and every time I went, she was on top of everything. She made sure Alana had her debit card in hand before she left for Germany."

An important factor that probably would have escaped James's attention didn't escape Lana's: She helped James link his account to Alana's, so he was enabled to make transfers into her account from his in Abbott Park. And, of course, Alana had her ALEC debit card in her purse when she boarded her plane for her epic journey.

Alana spent a successful semester in Germany, which she will never forget. The entire experience unfolded seamlessly, thanks in part to Alana and ALEC. James and Kathleen will never forget the thoughtful and professional services they counted on and received from their "home" institution.

"All of my everyday banking is done with ALEC. You can't beat the convenience, and the service is always very member-focused," James reflected recently. For example, when he needed a home equity line of credit in the past, he turned to ALEC. "There's really no need for us to go anywhere else. Having relocated all over the world on multiple occasions, we always stayed with ALEC."

Whether it's the most routine transaction or a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking, ALEC will stand beside you every step of the way.

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