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Saving for College

Wondering how to handle college expenses?
These strategies will mean money in the bank.

There’s no disputing the value of a college education. But with dramatically rising costs, finding ways to finance college has become much more challenging.
Learn about a range of potential opportunities that can make college more attainable and affordable — from tax-advantaged* savings accounts to proven advice on ways to seek out scholarships, grants, financial aid, and educational loans.


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Paying for College

It’s less expensive to pay for college with savings than it is to borrow money and have to pay interest on the loan after graduation.

And saving for college is like saving for anything else – if you start early and small, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

To help you save for a brighter future, we’ll tell you:

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Leveraging Financial Aid

Financial aid like grants and scholarships are the preferred way to pay for college since you generally don’t pay the money back.

Financial aid can also cover a range of expenses, like tuition and fees, lodging, books, and supplies. So these programs are incredibly beneficial.

We will help you navigate the world of financial aid:

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Borrowing for College

There are plenty of funding options available to borrow money for college. We’ll help you navigate them through topics like:

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