Reducing the finance charges you pay every month is the perfect place to start.
If you’re paying a higher rate on credit cards or auto or personal loans from other lenders, we have a special money-saving opportunity:
Now through February 29, 2020, transfer a balance to your ALEC Visa® card and enjoy a 1.95% APR1 on the transferred balance for
12 months.2
Plus, pay no balance transfer fees. With our great rate, you can cut down monthly interest charges and pay off balances faster.
So start saving more today. To transfer a balance, visit any ALEC Service Center or call 800.762.9988. It’s just another way ALEC is committed to helping you make the most of your money.
1 APR is Annual Percentage Rate.
2 The 1.95% APR for 12 months is for balance transfers made through February 29, 2020, and begins when the first qualifying balance transfer posts on your account. After the promotional period, your standard purchase APR applies. Promotional APR is valid for balances transferred from other card issuers/lenders only. We will not process any balance transfer that is from any other credit card or loan that ALEC issued. Minimum transfer is $25. Some lenders might require a physical check from ALEC for payment of auto and personal loans, and this might result in delayed payoff.  Promotional rate is not valid on accounts with a current introductory offer or any balances at a promotional rate.