ALEC takes your account security seriously. We strive to protect your assets from fraudsters. All ALEC Visa® Debit and Credit Cards are screened by ALEC's fraud monitoring 24/7. Whether you are traveling, shopping, or spending some quality time with family, ALEC is there to help protect your accounts.

In rare events, we may occasionally block purchases in an effort to protect your financial well-being. In the event that ALEC's fraud monitoring denies your purchase, your card may also be blocked for a short period of time. You can contact us directly at 800.762.9988 to speak with a representative to verify transactions on your accounts.

ALEC wants your next trip to be as hassle-free as possible. Notifying us of your travel plans will prevent any temporary card suspension or purchases being denied.

Members can notify ALEC of travel plans by calling 24/7 at 800.762.9988, sending a secure message through Online Banking, or stopping at any Service Center.