Give your card that extra touch. Choose your own special photo to personalize it.

It's your Visa® Debit card - so why not make it a card like no other? ALEC offers you an opportunity to create a debit card that features a photo from your personal collection - or, alternatively, you can put a picture of yourself on it and use it as a photo ID.

Best of all, ALEC Rewards Checking account holders can order two customized cards free of charge.* For ALEC Free Checking accounts, there is a $9.95 per image charge.

Ready to make your card really stand out?

Here's all you need to do:

For a PERSONALIZED card (featuring a photo you select):

  • Visit our Create Your Own Card page
  • Click on the "Personalized Card" image to get started
  • Upload your desired image
  • Click "Submit" to send the image for approval

Upon approval, your personalized card order will be placed.†

For a IDENTIFICATION card (featuring a photo of you):

  • Visit our Create Your Own Card page
  • Click on the "Identity Card" image
  • Upload your desired image

Click on the Personalized or Identity Card links above to get started with your card personalization.

Upon approval, your Identification card order will be placed.†

Questions? Call us at 800.762.9988 or visit any Service Center.

A Visa® Debit card embellished with a special photo is a fun way to put your own distinctive stamp on your transactions. So why not get one, and let your personal style shine through every time you use it?

*Rewards Checking account holders are eligible to receive two personalized debit cards (plastics, not images) at no charge. If a member is the only owner of the account, the member can get his/her first card and image for free, as well as his/her second card and image at no charge. Joint account members will get their initial two cards for free. After that, a $9.95 one-time charge per image applies.

Free Checking account cardholders can request a personalized debit card; however, they will be charged $9.95 per image. There is not charge for renewal cards using the same image. Personalized cards are not available for the Select Rewards Visa cardholders or ATM cardholders.

† Your personalized ALEC Visa® Debit card is typically mailed to you within 10-14 days of your approved submission.