Give your card that extra touch. Choose your own special photo to personalize it.

It's your Visa® Debit card - so why not make it a card like no other? ALEC offers you an opportunity to create a personalized debit card that features a photo from your individual collection - or, alternatively, you can put a picture of yourself on it and use it as a photo ID.

Best of all, ALEC Rewards Checking account holders can order two customized cards free of charge.* For ALEC Free Checking accounts, there is a $9.95 per image charge.

Ready to make your card really stand out? Here's all you need to do:

For a PERSONALIZED card (featuring a photo you select):

  • Click on the "Personalized Card" image to get started
  • Upload your desired image
  • Click "Submit" to send the image for approval

Upon approval, your personalized card order will be placed.†

For an IDENTIFICATION card (featuring a photo of you):

  • Click on the "Identity Card" image
  • Upload your desired image

Upon approval, your Identification card order will be placed.†


Call us at 800.762.9988 or visit any ALEC Service Center.

A Visa® Debit card embellished with a special photo is a fun way to put your own distinctive stamp on your transactions. So why not get one, and let your personal style shine through every time you use it?

* Rewards Checking account holders are eligible to receive two personalized debit cards (plastics, not images) at no charge. If a member is the only owner of the account, the member can get his/her first card and image for free, as well as his/her second card and image at no charge. Joint account members will get their initial two cards for free. After that, a $9.95 one-time charge per image applies.

Free Checking account cardholders can request a personalized debit card; however, they will be charged $9.95 per image. There is not charge for renewal cards using the same image. Personalized cards are not available for the Select Rewards™ Visa® cardholders or ATM cardholders.

† Your personalized ALEC Visa® Debit card is typically mailed to you within 10-14 days of your approved submission.