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Abbott HSA Information

Abbott HSA information

Key Things to Know About ALEC Health Savings Accounts

If you are currently an Abbott employee with an existing ALEC Health Savings Account and made benefit contributions in the prior year, ALEC makes it easy to contribute to and manage your HSA. Here are some key things to know.

Making Automatic Contributions

If you were an ALEC Health Savings Account holder in the prior year AND made benefit contributions into that HSA in the prior year, you may elect to continue with your ALEC HSA during the current benefit enrollment period.

If you were not an ALEC Health Savings Account holder in the prior year, you will be directed via the Abbott benefit enrollment system to select another HSA provider.

Managing Your Account

To manage your HSA online, including making a contribution outside of payroll pretax or withdrawing funds from an existing account, click on the button.

For more information, download our HSA Disclosure document.