Our credit cards offer maximum convenience, value and security.

Not all credit cards are alike. ALEC Visa® cards offer outstanding features designed to make your life easier and give you greater peace of mind. Check out some of the most popular ALEC Visa® card enhancements below.

  • CURewards®
    CURewards-man sitting at airport on his cell phone
    Earn points on every purchase with your ALEC Select Rewards or Signature Rewards Visa® card. Redeem your points for valuable merchandise, travel awards or gift cards.
  • Visa® Card Personalization
    Visa Card Personalization; Young man taking picture of his friends while trekking in countryside
    Show some personality and pizzazz by putting an image on the front of your credit card. Choose a special photo of your own or select one from our extensive image library.
  • EMV Chip Technology
    Credit cards with EMV Chip Technology
    All ALEC Visa® cards incorporate the EMV chip, a computer microchip that provides greatly enhanced security over traditional credit cards, and minimizes the chances of fraud.

  • Visa® Online
    Visa Online; mother showing her daughter a game on her tablet
    Conveniently manage your Visa® account online. View timely information such as current statements, as well as recent and pending transactions, and manage card activities.
  • Visa® SRC
    Visa SCR; The cashless way is the convenient way
    Save time when purchasing online at retailers nationwide. Simply click the Visa® Secure Remote Commerce button at prominent merchants that include large department and clothing stores, entertainment and food venues, and more.
  • Visa® Alerts
    Visa Alerts; Smiling young man sitting in cafe and checking messages, with his laptop in front of him
    Know where your money is going with every Visa® card purchase. Simply follow three steps to enroll and set the Visa® purchase notifications that are right for you.