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switch kit

Switching to ALEC is amazingly simple to do.

Now that you’re a member, we have made it really easy to move your accounts to ALEC. We will give you all the tools you will need.

Switching your accounts to ALEC couldn’t be simpler. The sooner you move over to ALEC, the more you can begin to save.

Ready, set, save.

To streamline the process and make the process even easier, just download our ALEC Switch Kit.

Our Switch Kit is an extremely helpful way to put your accounts and recurring services in order, notify your other financial institution(s) and track your changes. It will help you:

  • Get organized — Determine which accounts and service transactions you’re moving to ALEC
  • Balance your existing account — (including noting future scheduled automatic payments and deposits)
  • Transfer your Direct Deposit service to ALEC
  • Redirect your Electronic Transfers to ALEC
  • Close your account at another financial institution
  • Track and verify transactions you’re moving to ALEC