All certificates of deposit are designed to offer a guaranteed rate of return. But our 24-Month Accelerator Certificate goes even further.

It guarantees a higher rate every six months. So the longer you save, the higher your rate goes.

24-Month Accelerator Certificate Rate Table

We’re offering the 24-Month Accelerator Certificate as a savings certificate. Or as an IRA — traditional, Roth or Coverdell. All with as little as a $500 deposit.

And no worries, you can withdraw money penalty-free every six months during a 10-day window.**

To open an account, click here. You can also call 800.762.9988. Or visit an ALEC Service Center.

At ALEC, helping you maximize your savings is one of the things we do best. We invite you to take advantage of this rising-rate opportunity by opening your certificate now through March 31, 2021.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. The blended APY is 0.95%. The APY is the rate that is earned if the funds are left to compound for 365 days. All dividends are paid monthly based on the average daily balance. Rates are subject to change monthly.

** The penalty for withdrawals outside the three window periods is a forfeiture of 180 days’ dividend on the withdrawn amount.