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ALEC NMLS unique identifier numbers

NMLS — Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

At ALEC, we want you to have confidence in the loan officers you're working with and ensure they maintain a license in good standing by providing their NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) number.

ALEC 421478

Denise Marie Adams711568
Laura Arellano1808289
Shannon Brandt1240958
Sharon Catalano-Tate2043058
Lizbeth Chavez-Reyes2451320
Denise Chesnick1159888
Mary Chevrette1186817
Steven E Cook1271545
Jeffrey Scott Dempski673320
Linnea S. Dumelle2020399
Donna Gile2076957
Bareeda Khan1159890
Lynn LeMay1159891
Alexandrea Claire Manuel2523283
Kimberly Novack1677462
Pally Parra673327
Pikul J. Patel505034
Marijana Petrovic2073325
Tonja Pilafas1733209
Elizabeth Poulos1919674
Trenton B. Pugh1758597
Sarah Quijada2243753
Bertha Alicia Ramos-Perez1718759
Amy E. Ricchetti1723274
Nora Sanchez807402
Melisa Mari Santiago2510991
Susan A Savaglio993682
Sandra L. Schutt743969
Kimberly A. Simon1910546
Emily Smith852386
Jennifer I. Stoerp743967
Marie Elaine Weitzel1499203
Patricia Zehrung1539615
Deborah Dominica Zimmerman673319

Updated 8/28/2023

You can learn more about the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), or search for individuals or organizations by visiting the database.