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ALEC NMLS unique identifier numbers

NMLS — Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

At ALEC, we want you to have confidence in the loan officers you're working with and ensure they maintain a license in good standing by providing their NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) number.


Denise Marie Adams711568
Laura Arellano1808289
Lizbeth Chavez-Reyes2451320
Denise Chesnick1159888
Steven E Cook1271545
Sydney Lynn Cuzick2546847
Donna Gile2076957
Bareeda Khan1159890
Alexandrea Claire Manuel2523283
Kimberly Novack1677462
Pikul J. Patel505034
Marijana Petrovic2073325
Tonja Pilafas1733209
Amy E. Ricchetti1723274
Nora Sanchez807402
Melisa Mari Santiago2510991
Susan A Savaglio993682
Sandra L. Schutt743969
Kimberly A. Simon1910546
Emily Smith852386
Jennifer I. Stoerp743967
Marie Elaine Weitzel1499203

Updated 2/22/2024

You can learn more about the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), or search for individuals or organizations by visiting the database.