How a friendly “Good Morning” from ALEC tellers inspired these members to say “Hello” to money-saving financial solutions.

When Terri says that ALEC makes her feel welcome as a member, she means it. Each time she comes into the ALEC branch office, she is greeted with a cheerful “Good Morning” or “Hello.” It’s the personal attention that first impressed Terri when she became a member in 1999. All these years later, Terri remains impressed by how the ALEC staff goes the extra mile. Terri admits she does not remember her membership number and appreciates the friendly way the tellers say, “That’s no problem — we’re happy to look it up for you.”

In Your Words - Terri and Jim, Pull QuoteIt’s these little things that Terri, her husband Jim and the entire family appreciate about their relationship with ALEC. Yet it is big things such as how ALEC saves them money or recommends financial solutions to achieve their dreams that have been life-changing experiences.

When Terri and Jim’s son Andrew was preparing to attend college, Terri asked ALEC for advice on paying for tuition. ALEC’s team focused on Terri’s goals and financial situation, then recommended ALEC’s home equity line of credit. This solution allowed Andrew to begin college and play tennis at the collegiate level, after ranking as a top player on his high school team. Andrew was offered a scholarship that saved his parents a lot of money. “It was all because someone at ALEC recommended a home equity line to us that got him started, and of course, his love for tennis,” recalls Terri.

ALEC’s championship form extended beyond the tennis court for Terri and her family. When Terri’s elderly father was considering refinancing his mortgage, she inquired about ALEC’s products and rates. ALEC established a new family membership for Terri’s father, then he chose to refinance with ALEC. This resulted in a lower rate and big savings.

Most recently, Terri guided her son through the ALEC auto loan application process — both to purchase a vehicle and start building credit. Terri co-signed on the auto loan to get it approved and at a great rate due to her excellent credit score. “This was a good life-learning lesson for our son about the importance of establishing good credit,” explains Terri. “We left with big smiles after the loan closed.”

“ALEC offers so much, I would not do my banking anywhere else,” summarizes Terri. “I love the convenience and personal service every time, and know they have my best interest at heart. They are truly people helping people and all about integrity.”

Thank you to Terri and her family for being part of the ALEC family. We’re happy that a long relationship started with a friendly “Hello.”

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