A member who relocated to the U.S. gives ALEC credit for helping her establish credit to meet her family’s financial plans.

Establishing credit, being approved for a mortgage or buying a car can be daunting even for someone who has grown up in the United States. Imagine coming to this country and having to learn how the American financial system works, while needing to make major purchases right away.

That was the dilemma for Simona who accepted a position in 2010, relocating to the U.S. from Venezuela. Her family planned to join her a year later, so Simona relied on the advice from colleagues on how to get started financially.

In Your Words - Simona and Jose, Pull QuoteThe first thing Simona did was join ALEC. She knew that establishing a good credit history in the U.S. was essential, so she was grateful when ALEC approved her for a new credit card. Even though her credit worthiness was stellar in her home country of Venezuela, the ALEC team focused on Simona’s unique situation and worked diligently to establish her financial standing in this country. “I am very appreciative that ALEC gave me a starting chance,” says Simona. “They counseled me through the process, and today my credit is so good I receive credit card offers every day!”

Simona also needed a new car upon relocating, and again, ALEC approved her for an auto loan. She had her new car in no time at all. When her husband Jose and their children joined Simona in the U.S. a year later, they agreed to choose ALEC for their new mortgage. This might sound surprising given that Jose has worked as an investment advisor for several years, and his employer is a large financial company. Simona explains it clearly, “It is because we are loyal to ALEC.”

Since becoming members of ALEC, Simona and Jose have counted on the credit union for financial products, services and recommendations to fulfill their immediate financial needs as well as plan for the future. They already have ALEC Visa cards, savings accounts, a checking account and the mortgage for their first home in the United States. Being smart with their money was also important in order to pay for the college education of their children. Simona and Jose have three beautiful children, two who are completing college here in the U.S. and one who lives in Spain.

Do Simona and Jose feel at home with the U.S. financial process now and especially with ALEC? “I like everything about ALEC, especially the friendly, personalized service that I can’t imagine experiencing elsewhere,” exclaims Simona. “Absolutely nothing can compare to how they treat us.”

Thank you to Simona, Jose and their family for being such loyal members of the ALEC family.

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