Getting the best from the best.

Scott came to work at Abbott 11 years ago and turned immediately to ALEC to find the way to financial security. He was promptly given the best directions by the best people offering the best product. And he appreciates it.

Scott has of course been gratified by the interest-rate advantage a member-owned credit union has over a bank. But, well beyond that, he has been moved by the personal care and attention he has received from ALEC's people. In his words, "The member service, no matter which location I use, has always been astounding. The staff knows what they're doing, they're polite and efficient. They seem to really like what they're doing. I have worked with three ALEC branches in Abbott Park and admit that I consider them as friends and not just client service representatives."

In Your Words - Scott, Pull QuoteScott has enlisted help from ALEC in a wide range of areas. When he started at Abbott, he enjoyed the ease of his paycheck being deposited directly into an ALEC account. Later, he bought a new truck and could have paid cash, but he wanted to cement his favorable credit status. He turned over all the details of the transaction to a teller supervisor. All he had to do, as he was happy to learn, was sign the papers.

For Scott, ALEC is the place for all his banking needs - checking, savings, money market and that truck loan. "I fully trust the financial advice that my friends at ALEC provide," he says confidently. That trust compelled him to persuade his wife Michele to join ALEC, too.

They have been rewarded in more ways than they had anticipated. Not long ago, Scott was a victim of identity theft. By the time the Social Security Administration notified him of the scam, ALEC had already spotted unusual activity on his debit card, canceled out the one and issued a new EMV chip card. That decisive action immediately installed a new layer of security against the threat of credit-card fraud and possible financial disaster. Such is the peace of mind flowing to ALEC members.

Scott lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin, but banking is never a chore, thanks to those three ALEC Service Centers convenient to him, along with the ALEC main office in nearby Gurnee. He'll retire in a couple of years and may move South. Then, he can rely on all the ways ALEC provides for members to manage their money, including Online Banking, Mobile Banking and 28,000 free ATMs and 5,000 shared-branch locations across the U.S.

Scott's initial harmonious relationship with ALEC has paved the way for a worry-free financial present. And the road to the future appears just as straight and smooth.

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