Why not give that special someone exactly what they want? With a Visa® Gift Card, you can be sure your recipient is going to spend that money on something they truly desire. 

Visa® Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $25 to $1,000. And they can be used at countless merchants from coast to coast.


What is a Visa® Gift Card?

It is a prepaid Visa® debit card that carries a fixed cash amount determined by the gift card purchaser. Each time the card is used, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

How can I purchase a Gift Card?

You can buy a Gift Card online at www.harlandclarkegiftcard.com.* Alternatively, you can purchase one at any ALEC Service Center.** 

Where can a Gift Card be used? 

A Visa gift card can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa® cards are accepted in the United States.

At the point of sale terminal, should I select debit or credit?  

Select credit.

How do I use my card at a restaurant, beauty salon, hotel or car rental agency? 

Service-related or travel companies often require an available balance over the purchase amount (usually 25%) to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expense. However, the amount of the purchase will only be deducted when posted.

How do I use my card at a gas station? 

To pay for gas or other items at a gas station, you must go inside to the station to process your transaction.

Can I use my card for online shopping? 

Yes. However, some merchants require address verification to authenticate the purchase. To complete your online transaction in these cases, you must first register your card online at www.harlandclarkegiftcard.com. Log in as a returning cardholder and follow the instructions to register your card. Your card may not be used at age-restricted online merchant sites.

How do I check the balance on the card? 

Go to www.harlandclarkegiftcard.com or call 866.244.5360.

For more information, please review the Visa Gift Card Terms and Conditions. If you have questions, talk to an ALEC Service Representative in person or call 800.762.9988. 

*For cards purchased online, the fee per card is $5.95 per card for card amounts $50 to $249.99, and $7.95 per card for amounts $250 to $500. 

**There is a $3 purchase fee per card. ALEC gift cards are not reloadable. 

Visa Gift Card Disclosure