ALEC's simplicity, expertise draw member raves.

Mike’s father was a senior financial manager at Abbott, so he could teach his son a little about looking after money. This is what he counseled: “At ALEC, they are less restrictive than bigger commercial banks. There is no minimum amount you have to keep in your checking account, and there is only a $5 membership fee, which you get back if you ever close your account.”

That advice was good enough for Mike. He signed up to become a member.

The most memorable experience Mike had at ALEC was on his birthday several years ago, when he wanted to cash a check he'd received as a gift. He was told there wasn’t enough money in his account to cover it. But, he protested; he’d set up a direct deposit some time ago that should have provided plenty of cushion.

He discussed this odd predicament with Teller Supervisor Angie O’Connor. Angie dug deeper and reviewed the recent account activity with him. She found several charges on his ALEC debit card that he, himself, hadn't made. She’d uncovered fraudulent transactions.

In Your Words - Mike, Pull Quote“Angie was quick and attentive when working with me to recover the funds in my account,” Mike said. “She showed concern for my financial situation and took a proactive approach to provide a more-than-satisfactory result.” The funds were returned to his account within half an hour.

Mike would encourage family members to join ALEC based on his overall experience. He’s found that transactions always go smoothly and that ALEC makes it easy for him to stay connected to his money.

In addition, he has found the service at ALEC to be consistent, making banking as simple as possible.

Since becoming a member, Mike has moved twice, living in three Illinois towns overall, with Mundelein being the farthest from ALEC’s Gurnee headquarters.

“There have to be 40 banks on the way from Mundelein to Gurnee that I could have gone to for convenience, but I’ve always chosen ALEC,” he said.

ALEC has proven its worth to Mike in many ways — service, dedication and expertise being keys. When a business and its employees are so clearly on your side, it’s hard to look anywhere else.

“I am happy and I like it here,” he said. “I have no intention of bringing my personal financial business anywhere else.”

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