ALEC cares about the security and safety of your personal information.


To protect your accounts and other sensitive information, ALEC uses multiple layers of security. We also continually monitor all member accounts with a variety of protections in place to safeguard your account information.

Please note that ALEC will never send you emails or pop-ups requesting your account information. If you receive a suspicious email or see a pop-up requesting your ALEC account information, please contact us at 800.762.9988. 

ALEC's Online Banking Enhancements - October 8 & 21

ALEC is proud to announce new enhancements for Online Banking that will take place on October 7 and 21. Attached below is a short summary of the new enhancements:

Enhancement Effective October 8:

  • Online Banking Home Page Logon: In preparation for ALEC's new website, we are changing the color of the Online Banking home page logon area from orange to white. This change will not impact your ability to log into Online Banking. This is simply a branding change to match the look and feel of the upcoming new website.

Enhancements Effective October 21:

  • Historical Transaction Data - Online banking now will have the ability to store account history whenever you log into view or transact on your ALEC accounts. This new feature will enhance response time when you are looking at past account history, as well as will add additional search criteria by description and dollar amount making it easier to locate past transaction information.
  • Responsive Design - Online banking will now be able to detect if you are using a mobile phone or tablet and will resize the screen to fit your technology. This will improve your viewing capabilities and overall experience.
  • Icons - Icons will be added to the top of every page to provide you with easy navigation throughout Online Banking.
  • Unread Messages iIdicator - There will be an icon above the Mailbox icon to notify you if there is an unread message in your Online Banking mailbox.
  • Viewing Preferences - From the preferences page within Online Banking, you may now choose what to display on your Overview page and remove items that you don't use. This will provide you with a personalized view of your Online Banking.
  • E-Statements - You will now be able to easily view your Online Banking statements right from the account overview screen.
  • Account Access - The Account Access area has a new updated tile look that allows you to expand account sections by clicking on the plus sign to the next of the account name.
  • Transaction Search - There will now be a search feature within the account transaction history screens. The history search has been enhanced to including amount, amount range and description.
  • View Style - In the preferences screen, you now have the option to see your account information in a list or new tile format. Once this is set, it will be your default view.

We continue to offer the highest standards and commitment to ensuring your account information has the same protection and safeguards that are in place today.

Being our valued and loyal members, we invite you to check out ALECís new Online Banking user-friendly site on October 21. If you have any questions, please contact our Contact Center at 800.762.9988.






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