ALEC a true friend in need.

To members, ALEC is something closer to a friend than a business associate. But, when the need arises, it’s a very welcome and rewarding business associate, too.

Lou Lou and her husband Rich became ALEC members as soon as Rich started his employment at Abbott in September 1990. In ALEC, they were looking for a relationship, rather than an account at a huge bank. They found it in Jennifer Stoerp, a loan originator at the ALEC Gurnee office, when they needed help refinancing their Illinois home.

Soon after that, they found their future dream retirement home in Alaska, and Jennifer came through again. The transaction could have been complicated, considering, among several factors, the distance between Alaska and Illinois, but Jen and ALEC ironed out all the wrinkles practically without Lou Lou and Rich lifting a finger.

Upon the consummation of that sale, Lou Lou was moved to write a thank-you note to ALEC in which she said of “Jen,” “She answered our questions, provided needed information and guided us through all of that paperwork with patience, humor, proficiency and warmth.” That’s the ALEC advantage.

In Your Words - Lou Lou, Pull QuoteLou Lou says that one of the benefits of their ALEC affiliation is that their son can be a member, too. Membership in ALEC is open to employees and retirees of Abbott or AbbVie, family members of current Abbott and AbbVie employees, and family of current ALEC members. Their son lives in Alaska and, rather than writing and mailing him checks, Lou Lou sends him money via account-to-account transfers for occasions such as his birthday or Christmas.

She prefers to come in to ALEC and do her transactions in person with a teller simply because she likes having interaction with a person, rather than a machine like at her other financial institution.

“When I come into ALEC, the transaction always goes smoothly. I can depend on the money to securely get to the right place instantly when the teller verifies where I am transferring my funds. It helps us stay connected.”

ALEC has all the advantages of the biggest commercial banks, but it also has one that they don’t have: people like Jen to escort members through their financial anxieties.

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