Much more than business as usual.

Sometimes, a simple decision we make winds up solving problems we'd never even anticipated. That sums up La Tonya's experience when she opened a checking account with ALEC.

In Your Words - La Tonya, Pull QuoteBack in 2002, as a member of the Abbott family with an ALEC branch close by, she took advantage of the convenience by initiating that most fundamental of services. Little did she suspect then that she was planting a seed that would bear so much fruit for her over the years, including a credit card, a personal loan and two auto loans.

La Tonya confronted some financial uncertainty, common to most of us, compounded by the fact in 2012 that she needed a new car. She wondered about her credit - was it a plus or a minus: would it work for her or against her? She met with Bareeda Khan, a member service representative at ALEC's Gurnee headquarters. "I loved that Bareeda took the time to review my credit report and made me realize I can qualify for an auto loan," La Tonya said, looking back on that very significant encounter. "She made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the transaction."

Recently, she needed a cash advance, and again, ALEC was there to solve and soothe. Louise Stoyanoff at the Gurnee teller line counseled La Tonya, asked a few questions and was quickly able to explain her borrowing options. The transaction was consummated easily and gracefully, providing much-appreciated peace of mind, along with the cash.

As far as La Tonya is concerned, she is committed to ALEC as her financial institution. "The rates on all the products are really great," she enthuses, "and I love that ALEC offers so many educational options, like webinars and seminars. I also love that everyone knows my name!"

Can the simple act of opening a checking account really spawn such devotion? At ALEC it can, thanks to unparalleled service, excellent rates and a knowledgeable, dedicated staff bent on leading members onto the road to financial security. As La Tonya learned, it's not just business as usual.

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