Come to ALEC for service, stay for trust.

Members who come to ALEC generally wind up sticking with ALEC. That’s at least partly because they find out ALEC always sticks with them.

ALEC offers all of the financial services other financial institutions do. And, strictly from a dollars-and-cents standpoint, it offers them at rates that typically beat theirs. In most cases, ALEC pays more on deposits and charges less on loans.

But, to the majority of people, ALEC’s most compelling asset is its people, who by nature and training work hard to find ways to help their fellow members they serve. The relationship that evolves is based on trust earned by success. Convenience prompts the introduction, but compassionate service tightens the bond.

Kumar had recently relocated to the Lake County, Ill., area in January of 2008 after joining Abbott. After initially hearing about ALEC during orientation, Kumar recognized the convenience of banking with the ALEC Service Center in AP30. So, a few months later, he went to that Service Center to open a savings account and met Senior Service Center Manager Cindy Stanis.

In Your Words - Kumar, Pull Quote“Cindy was extremely knowledgeable and very patient,” Kumar recalled. “She helped my recent college-graduate son establish credit with his first credit card and took time in explaining all the pros and cons.”

As time went on, Kumar was in the market for a home equity line of credit. Not surprisingly, he turned again to ALEC.

“My wife and I are low-risk, conservative types. And Cindy’s tailored approach to our situation is why we came to trust her,” Kumar said. “We had accounts at another financial institution, but we only came to ALEC, and that's because of Cindy. She explained all the details.”

Most recently, when he was in the market for a new car, Kumar went immediately to ALEC. With an attractive rate from ALEC and the valuable information Kumar learned from ALEC’s Auto Buying Tips Webinar, he was soon behind the wheel of a new Lexus.

“I tell everyone that, instead of going to big banks, ALEC will be clear and up-front with you,” he said. “Everyone has a genuinely caring attitude, and I always trust that ALEC has my best interests at heart.”

That kind of confidence is what keeps people doing business with ALEC — and making them happy they did.

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