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How do I report my credit card lost or stolen. You can contact an ALEC representative 24/7 at 800.449.7728 to report your Visa® credit card lost or stolen. For general account inquiries call 866.820.5788.

Do I need to contact ALEC when traveling with my ALEC Visa? At ALEC, security is one of our top priorities. To help protect your personal identity and ALEC accounts against fraudulent activity, we may occasionally block transactions in foreign countries and other areas where fraud is widespread.

If you are planning to travel, please call ALEC 800.762.9988 or send us a secure e-mail through your online banking account in advance of your travel dates.

When sending your secure e-mail through online banking please be sure to include the following:

  • Destination
  • Travel dates
  • Contact information when traveling

What if there is a problem with my account?  Our Visa Cardholder Service representatives are available to answer any of your questions. They can be reached 24 hours a day at 866.820.5788.

How long does it take to be approved for a credit card? When applying online, you can be instantly approved. A Member Service Representative will contact you regarding the credit line approved. You should receive your ALEC Visa credit card, with 5-7 business days after your approval.

Can I request a credit limit increase? Yes. To request a credit limit increase you will need to complete a new application.

Is there a balance transfer or cash advance fee on an ALEC Visa? No. ALEC does not charge a fee for balance transfers.

While balance transfers do not have a fee, ALEC does charge a fee for cash advances made at an ATM or a request through a financial institution.  The fee is: 3.00% of the amount of each cash advance (Maximum Fee: $50.00). See Fee Disclosure

How can I view my Visa card online? You can view your credit card account online within Online Banking. No additional enrollments, user logons or passwords are required. Just click on your credit card number from your Account Summary.

With Visa Online, you will have access to:

  • Check your current balance, available credit and credit line on your ALEC Visa
  • Review your most recent transactions
  • View your pending transactions
  • Request a card replacement
  • Activate your credit card
  • Make a request for past statements
  • Make inquires about your Visa transactions
  • View your last current statement plus the two previous statements.
  • Receive your monthly Visa statement electronically.
  • Enroll for CardLock
  • View the CURewards web site for point redemption

How can I make my Visa payment? Visa payments can be made:

  • In Online Banking by choosing your Visa account            
  • By phone using our automated phone service or by contacting Member Services
  • At all ALEC Service Center locations
  • By mail using the statement remittance form to the address below:  
    PO BOX 71050
    Charlotte, NC 28272-1050
  • Pay My Bill – optional free service of Visa Online which debits another financial institution

I made my Visa payment in Online Banking and I do not see my Visa balance change. Visa account balances on the Account Summary screen are NOT on-line real time. It will take 3-4 business days to see your payment reflected in your Account Summary Balance.

For more up to date information, you can access Visa Online by clicking on your account within Online Banking. You will see the transaction post within 24-48 hours depending on the time and day your payment was made. When posted, your payment will reflect the transaction date that the transaction occurred on Online Banking.

How do I enroll for Pay My Bill? This optional free service, available within ALEC Visa Online, will debit another financial institution for your Visa payment. To enroll for this free service click on the Online Service Tab and select Make a Payment. To enroll you will need the ABA Routing Number of the financial institution you will be debiting along with the checking account number.

Please allow 10 days for the first transaction to be processed.  

How will I know when my credit card E-Statement is ready? Once signed up, you will receive an e-mail notifying you when your credit card E-Statement is ready.

  • Simply log on to Online Banking
  • Click on your ALEC Visa account number from the Account Summary to open Visa Online
  • Click the 'Online Services" tab
  • Select E-Statement list to find you statement

To ensure receipt of your e-mail notice, make sure you keep your e-mail address current within Visa Online and Visa E-Statements as well as the e-mail address in Online Banking. Your e-mail address can be easily updated using 'Modify E-Statement Profile' found under Services under Online Services.

How long will my credit card E-Statement be available online? Your credit card E-Statements will be available online for 24 months, beginning with the first month enrolled.  If you de-enroll, any past history will be removed. If you re-enroll, the 24 month counter begins again.

Will I be charged a late fee for late payments? Late payments will be charged a $25 fee.

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