ALEC is proud to announce our new partnership with Everfi, a leader in financial education, to provide you with Smart Money U. Smart Money U is ALEC’s interactive educational platform for all types of financial education. The Smart Money U educational modules are quick to complete, easy to understand and loaded with valuable information to help you reach your financial goals.

Whether you want to learn more about banking basics, getting a loan or building your savings nest egg, Smart Money U is for you! Simply click on one of the below educational modules to get started.

Banking Basics IconBanking Basics

Looking for ways to elevate your financial well-being? Our Banking Basics covers a range of money management fundamentals including savings, checking and more! This educational section is designed to help you map out the first steps on your journey, whatever your situation may be. Learn more.

Getting Your Loan IconGetting Your Loan

Not sure where to start in selecting the right credit card, auto loan or home loan? With so much information available from so many different sources, it can be difficult to find straight answers to your questions. This educational section provides the information you need to focus on your borrowing goals. Learn more.

Building Your Savings IconBuilding Your Savings

It takes planning to have the retirement of your dreams. This educational section will get you ready to get your retirement on track by helping you set your goals and by giving you the tools to achieve them. Learn more.

Financial Tools and Tips IconFinancial Tools and Tips

This educational section has additional tools, advice and tips to get you on the path to financial wellness. Learn more.