Purchasing a new car or truck can be pretty exciting. But you should also know what you’re getting into — from both an automotive and financial standpoint.

If you’re not completely sure about what you should be doing, we can point you in the right direction. Make these links your first stops in your car-buying process, and you’ll be well on your way to coming out miles ahead.

  • Avoid Car Buying Mistakes
    Avoid Car Buying Mistakes; Salesperson showing vehicle to potential customer in dealership
    Buying a car is a daunting prospect, for many — more daunting than it needs to be. And it would be a lot less so if people would prepare ahead for the process. Learn how to avoid car buying mistakes.
  • Buy or Lease a Car
    Buy or Lease a Car; Customer and salesman hands with car key
    Neither buying nor leasing is right for everybody or in every situation. All of the ingredients of a person's life — needs, goals, uses, locations, tastes, habits — must be taken into account.
  • On-The-Lot Financing
    On-The-Lot Financing
    The biggest different between doing business with an on-the-lot financing dealer and a typical franchise-connected dealership is that loans from a dealer are often going to cost a lot more than one from a financial institution.
  • Auto Financing Guide
    Auto Financing Guide
    Purchasing a new vehicle consists of two significant steps — finding the perfect car and securing auto financing. Use our Auto Financing Guide to learn the best options.
  • Auto & Home Insurance
    Auto and Home Insurance; dad with daughters sitting in hatch of car
    At ALEC, we’re committed to providing a range of affordable insurance options for members, including comprehensive auto and homeowner's policies.
  • Loan Protection Products
    Loan Protection Products
    If you suddenly found yourself financially strapped when an unforeseen event shakes your life, what would you do? How would you pay your bills? What would happen to your savings? Or your family? Learn more about our loan protection products.