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David B.

ALEC's people are the biggest advantage of all.

ALEC is proud of the broad range of services and the competitive rates it offers, of course. Its very purpose for being is to provide the best of everything for its members. But, in the end, the thing that makes ALEC proudest of all is its people, who make sure all of those services are delivered with compassion and professionalism. It’s those people, more than any other factor, who keep our members coming back.

David worked for Abbott at AP30 back in 2009 when one day, an ALEC representative stopped by a department meeting to talk about the many benefits of an ALEC membership. Intrigued and curious, David decided to visit the AP30 Service Center one day to learn more. It was there that he first met Cindy Stanis, senior service center manager, and so began a very satisfying financial relationship.

“My wife and I were not members of a credit union, so we decided to give ALEC a shot,” David remembered. “Cindy was simply fantastic. She laid out everything ALEC had to offer.”

A few months later, when David was in the market for a new truck, his course was clear: He went directly to ALEC. “The credit really goes to Cindy,” he said. “Dealing with her was and always has been better that any bank I’ve ever dealt with. She was detailed and knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions. From start to finish, Cindy took care of everything and made it so easy. Everything about the process: the research, the financing, vehicle advice — everything.”

In Your Words - David B, Pull QuoteDavid contacted Cindy to discuss a mortgage refinance opportunity in 2011, while he and his wife were living in Georgia. Back then, ALEC did not offer mortgages outside Illinois — it now does, in all 50 states — but David still turned to Cindy for trusted advice despite the distance. And again, Cindy came through. “She gave me valuable advice on our mortgage, even though ALEC couldn’t provide the loan.” 

This year, David and his wife were in the market for another new vehicle. “I knew I was going to contact Cindy,” David said. Cindy helped David and his wife determine which car best suited their needs.

“We went over resale value, cost of ownership — new vs. used. And Cindy made great recommendations.” David thinks of Cindy’s sage advice every time he climbs into his new SUV.

Even though they live nowhere near Cindy or an ALEC branch, it was David’s experiences with Cindy that have kept him loyal to ALEC. “The difference between ALEC and any of the five other banks I’ve dealt with is that, even when Cindy is on vacation, she directs me to her colleagues, who deliver the same level of service and knowledge that I’ve come to expect and appreciate from Cindy. Just how Cindy is as a professional and a person should be enough to bring people in. She has always offered insight and expertise, and I’ve always felt totally comfortable with my decisions.”

The relationship forged between David and Cindy is a great example of why members are so comfortable putting their problems and questions in ALEC’s hands. Cindy is typical of all of our counselors. 

Compare services and rates, and you’ll choose ALEC. And people like Cindy will make you glad you did.

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