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A friend in need - or any other time.

If you want to try something new - something that will one way or another make life easier for you - isn't it great to have a friend usher you through the process until you have it mastered? Chuck for a need, over his years with Abbott, for a couple of new banking services, and he was fortunate to have his old friend ALEC right there by his side.

Chuck joined the Abbott team 26 years ago. In 1990, ALEC opened at Abbott Park, making Chuck's decisions to join automatic: It couldn't have been any easier to manage his checking and savings accounts right where he worked. He'd always heard of the advantages of a credit union over a traditional bank, and ALEC had been established specifically to cater to Abbott employees.

One day, Chuck was in line at the AP30 site, and the subject of online banking was being discussed. The idea certainly sounded attractive, but, for him, the whole concept was pretty new, and he wanted to know more. Krystian, a Member Service Representative, happened to hear the conversation and came out of his office to offer to give Chuck a quick primer. After listening to Krystian's description of the features of the service for about 20 minutes, Chuck felt eager and ready to sign up. It turned out to be one of the best financial decisions. "If it hadn't been for Krystian, I probably still wouldn't be comfortable enough using online banking," he said recently. "Krystian was very friendly, accommodating and quick to serve." Chuck remains a devoted fan and a regular user of the service today.

In Your Words - Chuck, Pull QuoteChuck had another, surprisingly similar, experience later. Again, he was in a teller line discussing a wire transfer he was obliged to conduct, though he knew little to nothing about how to go about it. And, again, Krystian overheard the conversation and emerged from his office to offer to fill Chuck in on what he needed to know. What could be a rather complicated procedure for some was simplified by an expert with the gift of understanding.

"It's easy to see that Krystian really loves what he does," Chuck says gratefully. "And he's great at it! On both occasions, he looked to provide assistance in advance of being asked for it. I find his demeanor to be friendly, calm and instructive, leaving me feeling confident that my transaction was handled properly each time."

A lot of know-how, complemented by an equal measure of compassion - that's how ALEC remains a trusted friend to Chuck and thousands of others like him.

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