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College Planning Tips Webinar

This webinar will cover several important topics, which include: the sources of funding your child's college education, the role of financial aid and the college savings vehicles available today. If you are looking to get your college savings plan started or to review your current plan, this webinar is a must. Click here to register.


Building a Better Budget Webinar

This webinar will cover important areas of budgeting, which include: setting short- and long-term financial goals, identifying spending leaks, tracking expenses, and more. If you are a budgeting beginner, or just need a refresher, this webinar is a must. Click here to register.


Steering Towards Retirement with IRA's Seminar

ALEC Investment Advisors will be hosting an informative seminar that will explain the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA and help participants decide which type of IRA is best for them. Click here to register.